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Help your child master anything at school. Aceflow helps your child understand complex topics, study for tests faster, and reach mastery.

The Problem

Poor studying methods are failing your child's growth

Studies show that practice testing helps students get better grades instead of re-reading notes, and boost long-term memory retention. Unfortunately, getting practice tests that actually test you on the knowledge and skills your child will be tested on for school assessments is hard.

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How Aceflow Helps

Unlimited practice tests based on your child's study material

Let your child do unlimited practice questions until reaching mastery, and gain full confidence before the test. With Aceflow, your child can create practice tests from YouTube videos, PDFs, and websites. This study material can include things like your child's study notes, their teacher's lecture slideshows, assigned content, and more.

“I started beta testing Aceflow a few days ago. School's never been easier.”

Hengbin Fang, Grade 9 High School Student

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